About the UCI Fund

About the UCI Fund

Each year, thousands of alumni, parents, friends, faculty, staff and students express their commitment and support to UCI by giving to the UCI Fund. Serving students across all schools, gifts to the UCI Fund provide the University with discretionary funds to support the areas of greatest needs on campus and respond to new opportunities as they arise. Investing in the UCI Fund remains one of the most powerful ways in which you can help the university cultivate a dynamic learning environment for our students and community. Whether it is a gift to the UCI Fund, a pledge to a Dean’s Excellence Fund or a gift to the various schools on campus, your generosity supplies the university with the strength and stability to remain one of the best in the country. Give today!

UCI Scholarship Recipients and your impact.

Why give?

Alumni, students, parents and friends like you assure that UC Irvine will never stop transforming lives. Your gift, no matter what the size, makes a huge difference in ensuring the UC Irvine experience will be available for generations to come. We give to UC Irvine…

Because we’re proud — A high alumni participation rate signals satisfaction with the institution and continued support of its mission.

Because we can make a difference — With support from alumni and friends like you, we can continue to help students stay on campus, retain faculty members in a competitive market, and maintain our beautiful and resourceful campus.

Because it’s bigger than just us — While UC Irvine receives only 8 percent of its operating budget from the State, it contributes over four billion dollars to the economy.

Because it matters — Foundations and corporations from whom we seek grants view annual giving as an indicator of a healthy institution worthy of support. In addition, giving participation rates affect College-rankings reports in magazines.

Funding Priorities

Gifts to the UCI Fund provide the university with crucial, flexible funding to enrich student life, embrace new opportunities and respond to pressing needs. Below are three funding priorities that the UCI Fund supports.

Tuition Assistance

UC Irvine is committed to providing a world-class education, while keeping costs low for our students. In order to remain financially accessible, a portion of UCI Fund dollars will be allocated towards scholarships and tuition assistance. Your support helps close the gap between tuition and the rising cost of educating each student.

  • Over 70 percent of UCI's enrolled students receive some form of financial aid.
  • For most low and middle income families, the prospect of affording a UC Irvine education has become daunting. State support and scholarship funding have not kept pace with increased education costs or California’s extremely high living expenses, resulting in rapidly escalating tuition and fees.
  • Scholarship support is often the determining factor in choosing a school. Competitive scholarship and tuition assistance allows UC Irvine to attract the most qualified students
Alexandra Jimenez "I have so many ambitions for the future; and, thanks to generous scholarship support, they are within reach. Coming from a low-income family, I am grateful to all those who have donated so that I could achieve my dream of attending a four-year university like UC Irvine."

Alexandra J., Anthropology Major

Faculty Support

At the heart of a life-changing UC Irvine experience are faculty mentors who prepare, challenge and inspire our students. Even as they achieve at the forefront of their disciplines, UC Irvine professors dedicate themselves to teaching young people and collaborating with them in meaningful research opportunities. A portion of the gifts made to the UCI Fund will go toward recruiting the best faculty in the world and providing them with the resources they need for their research.

  • An investment in our faculty is an investment in intellectual capital – capital which will influence and develop the leadership skills of our students. 
  • Supporting the UCI Fund helps to attract and hire top-notch faculty that will shape and mentor the young minds of our students.
  • UCI will help support faculty research and create innovative curriculum.
Ryan Davis "I came to UC Irvine to study under the greatest faculty in the world. I really credit Dr. Shi for helping me fulfill my passion and giving me the opportunity to assist with cancer research."

Ryan D., Biological Science Major

Academic Resources

Top students and faculty require top resources at their disposal. If students are expected to succeed, information must be readily available and easily accessible. Likewise, our professors need state-of-the-art technology to teach and offer practical hands-on training in the classroom. An investment in the UCI Fund will enhance the overall quality of both student and faculty life by:

  • Expanding technology in the classrooms.
  • Supporting academic and campus resources including tutoring and extracurricular activities
  • Providing additional classroom space and laboratory equipment. 
Fernando Eleazar Monjaras "Organizations such as Math Club, Campus Representatives and the Education Abroad Program have aided me in my speaking skills and my ability to gather thoughts together and communicate them clearly."

Fernando M., Humanities Major