Chancellor's Club Members

Chancellor's Club Members

We would like to thank our donors who gave their support in FY 2014/15. This Donor Honor Roll reflects gifts received between July 1, 2015 and June 30, 2016.

Lifetime Members

Elaine M. and Daniel G. Aldrich, III, Ph.D. (Honorary)
Jean H. Aldrich Founding First Lady
Laura and Joseph A. Alfieri, Parents ’74
*Louise B. Turner Arnold
Nancy T. Casebier
Susan T. and Dan Ferrari
Cecelia M. ’82 and J. Jeffrey Assaf ’82
Linda L. and Steven M. Borowski ’79
Tandra L., D.O. and Patrick F. Cadigan, Ph.D.
Barbara J. and Justin D. Call, M.D.
Hsin Chang, M.D. and Chao Shuo Huang, M.D.
Salma A. ’99, ’09, M.S. ’13 and Hazem H. Chehabi, M.D.
Janice Yao and Sebun Chiang, Parents ’09
Gloria J. ’97 and *Jack R. Christensen
Annie K. and Clement Y. Chu, M.D.
Carol M., Ph.D. and Ralph J. Cicerone, Ph.D.
Christine and *William L. Cook II
Karen A. ’83 and Jon R. Daurio
Barbara F. ’69 and Doug B. Davidson ’68
Christine ‘70 and Roy E. Dormaier ’69
Rosella and Mark F. Farnum, M.D. ’79
Barbara S. and William P. Ficker
*Darlene A. and *Walter B. Gerken, Parents ’90
Janet and James C. Gianulias, Parents ’89
The Kling Family Foundation: Jackie M. Glass
Dina and Emile Haddad
Catherine and Rudy Hanley ’72
May and David Hsu, M.D., MBA
Anne L. and Rick E. Keller, Jr.
Susan C. ’87 and Larry W. Kellner
Linh ’91 and Roman Kochan
Diana Y. and Fred Y. Kong, Parents ’08
Shanaz S. and Jack M. Langson, Parents ’08
Rosalyn M. Laudati, Ph.D. and James B. Pick, Ph.D. ’74
*Jean L. Leslie
*Frank W. Lynch ’96, Parent ’81
Susan R. and Goran S. Matijasevic, M.S. ’85, Ph.D. ’91
Keleen B. and James V. Mazzo   
Cherilyn G. Sheets-Moehlman, D.D.S and Mark L. Moehlman
Maria Catalina S., M.D. and Bernard S. Nanadiego ’06
Martha A. M.S. ’76, Ph.D. ’81 and James A. Newkirk, Parents ’06
Mary and Jack Norberg
*Susan C. and William L. Pereira, Jr.
Susan S. and Paul Y. Qaqundah, M.D.
Janette Regan and James Lorenz, Parents ‘14
Michelle Rohe, Parent ’86
*Nira K. Roston, Parent ’89
Cheryll R. and Richard J. Ruszat, Parents ’96
Asha and Harvinder Sahota, M.D., Parents ’97
Michela and Edwin D. Fuller
Joan Irvine Smith
Elizabeth D. and John R. Stahr
Marguerite L. and Joseph Stemler
*Vivian and Edward Thorp, Ph.D., Parents ’84, ’85
Elizabeth Aldrich Toomey
Suzanne and Charles Turner, M.D.
Sheryl and Greg Vacca ’71, Parents ’02
*Elsa and *Raymond Watson
Elizabeth Wood ’75
William and Mary Running ’67 De Witt


Daniel G. Aldrich, Jr. Members

Jennifer S. ’92 and Eric J. Amdursky ’92
Sohaila and Mike Becker
Elizabeth and Thomas Tierney

Anteater Society Members

Nancy and Roy Benedetti, M.D. ’82, Parents ’17
Joann and Stanley Benson, Parents ’15
Ileana J. and John C. Carlisle ’72
Katharine R. Coleman ’69
Barbara J. Crain, M.D., Ph.D. ’72 and Michael J. Borowitz, M.D.
Sherry T. Davis ’79
Ruth Ding, Parent ’94
Sandy and *Allan Fainbarg
Carol A. Jackson
Peggy B. Maradudin ’68
Sharon A. ’77, M.S. ’78 and Robert D. Rude ’78, M.B.A. ’81
Neil Sahota ’97, ’00, M.B.A ’03
Eva R. and Fred Schneider
Casey T. Shim, Jr. ’75
Victor S. Vaz ’94
Carol and Allison Yee, M.D., Parents ’07, ‘14
Vicki and Jeff Thomas, Parents ’15, ‘17
Dr. E.M. Abdulmumin ’75, ‘82
Linda and Mike Arias ‘11
Judy and Irvine M. Cyril, M.D.
Nicole Ford ‘99
Jinx ’72 and William Hansen ‘69
Thanh Hoang ‘03
Maya and Gary Matkin
April Morris and Greg Gibbons ‘74
Darry Sheets, Esq.

Blue & Gold Society Members

Sylvia Acosta, Ph.D. and Joe Graham, Ph.D.
Marina Ball, M.D. ’78
Art Belletini
Sandra Campbell-McClain ’83 and Francis McClain
Sandra Campero
Carolyn Canning-White and Adam White
Valerie B. Cantwell, Parent ’03
Deborah and Mojy Chian, Parents ‘18
Lilly and Ken Chow, Ph.D. ‘88
Cecelia and John Cox
Deb and Jack Dangelo
Deborah and Steven K. Epstein ’83
Cheryl and Herb Fisher
Stephanie M. Fix   
Tamara M. Fogarty, M.D. ’84 and Daniel H. La Mont, M.D.   
Julia M. Gelfand and David B. Lang
Rebecca Gonzalez
Mike Grayston ‘69
Maralou and Jerry M. Harrington
Francis and Arthur Helfat, M.D.
John Hung ’89
IOMRI (International Oriental Medical Research Institute)
David Israelsky ’03 and Jan Zahn
Eleanor Kelly, M.D. ’89 and Mitchell Lauford
Nancy L. Kidder, Ph.D.
Alexander C. Kim ’96
Kate D. Klimow and David C. Golbeck ’81
David Lee ‘94
Jon Pin Lee, M.D. ‘95
Michelle N. and Mike H. Lin, Parents ’12, ’14
Yvonne and William Liu, M.D., Parents ‘17
Doris L. and Rich A. Lynch
Laura and Marc McGeever, Parents ‘18
Anne E. McInnis and Mark Smitt
Kathy Miller ‘69
Kelly and Daniel E. Montplaisir
Cheryl F. ’69 and Steven F. Moore, Parents ’10
Carolyn L. ,M.D. ’76 and Blake L. Neubauer, Ph.D. ’75
Michael Oppenheim
The Sadie Parham Family: Pamela M. Parham, William D. Parham ’74, M.A. ’76 Gerald D. Parham ’77 and Thomas A. Parham ’77  
Kay C. Parker
Suzanne T. and *Jack W. Peltason, Ph.D.
Khoa Pham ’82 and Truc Linh
Charlotte C. and Michael J. Prather, Ph.D.
Norma A. Price and Dorian Johnson
Barbara U. Roberts
Mary W. Roosevelt ’74
Beryl and Robert Smith
Betty R. Solloway
Hiang Wa So and Chang Sok So, M.D., Parents ’04
Adreana Souleles ‘71
Maureen K. and Mitchell W. Spann
Madeline and James Irvine Swinden
Mirabel and Jack K. Toan ’95, M.B.A. 02
Carolyn and David M. Todd
Anh Tran, D.D.S. ’87 and Terry Kuo, M.D. ‘88   
Karolyn Wolfrom, Parent ‘19
Elise and Kevin Yen ’88
Suzanne and Fouad Darweesh
Rheo and Malcolm McColl
Zubin Mowlava ‘04

Blue & Gold Graduate of the Last Decade

Jennifer and Christopher H. Ainsworth ’06
Nicole Bourbon ’07
Shana and Andrew S. Brewer ’05
Andrew J. Carrillo ’05
Roy Y. Chan ’09
Taek Chang ‘11
Justin Geiser ‘06
Ambar and James Green ’07
Suzanne Jimenez ‘06
Yingbin Luo ’09
Amir Malik ‘11
Michael Q. Nguyen ’11
Jessica Pratt, Ph.D. ’13 and Riley Pratt Ph.D. ‘10
Jeanne T. Tran ’12   
Andre ’07 and Ashley ’06 Ramirez
Alex Rubio ‘07, ‘15 MBA
Charleen Teodoro ‘07
Marinela Gombosev ’05 and Mr. John Buckingham
Catlin Moore ‘08