Celebrate UCI’s Bright Past and Brilliant Future at the 2015 Medal Awards!

UCI Medal Awards
Our pioneering university was built on the bold visions of our past Medalists, exceptional men and women from all walks of life: scientists, educators, civic leaders, entrepreneurs, authors, scholars, philanthropists, environmentalists and performers.

They dared to think big and imagine the impossible, passing on an enduring spirit of creativity and innovation. The extraordinary future they imagined is today’s UC Irvine.

As part of our 50th anniversary celebrations, we will glance back to honor all the Medalists who have contributed to the bright past and brilliant future of UCI. We will also celebrate the success of our $1 billion Shaping the Future campaign, which has made an impact on the lives of countless people in our community and across the globe.

Please join us for a spectacular evening at the Bren Events Center:

Saturday, October 10, 2015
5 p.m. Reception
6 p.m. Dinner, Medalist Recognition and 50th Anniversary Tributes

“It’s as important for us to celebrate the last 50 years as it is to imagine the next 50 years. … The point of the celebration is to inspire us to greater heights and to motivate us to make even stronger contributions to the well-being of the world. If we do that, we will be faithful to all of those people 50 years ago who had a dream. We owe it to all of them to set our sights high.”

– Chancellor Howard Gillman

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