Corporate Relations

Calit2 Building

Business and industry partners play a significant role in UC Irvine success. Corporations provide financial resources for everything from scholarships faculty and student research to facility mprovements. In addition, corporations provide opportunities for students and faculty through post-graduate employment, internships, faculty grants and sponsored research. In return for their support, corporations gain many competitive advantages, such as these:

  • Strengthening ties to one of the top nationally ranked public research universities
  • Supporting and accessing pertinent research and technology
  • Working with students and faculty
  • Playing a lead role in the Orange Counties economic development 
  • Gaining a head start in attracting UC Irvine graduates to their workforce.

The Corporate Relations staff serves as the liaison between UC Irvine and corporate leaders. We become a point of entry into the university community, helping you to identify areas of need and interest; to establish and develop relationships with faculty, researchers, students and staff; and to build partnerships based on mutually beneficial opportunities.


Thomas Antunez
Executive Director of Corporate Relations
University Advancement