John Ichiro Yasuda Endowed Student Award

John Ichiro Yasuda, beloved by many, passed away on October 15, 2006. The John Ichiro Yasuda Memorial Fund was established through the efforts of John's family members, friends, co-workers and the students who knew him. The fund has placed a bench in John's name located in one of his favorite spots in UCI's Aldrich Park and will now be an endowed fund with the purpose of creating scholarships for UCI students with financial need in good academic standing and working on campus part-time in a computer programming or computer related area.

John Ichiro YasudaJohn graduated from UCI in 1983, with a degree in Psychology and shortly afterward began working for the University at UCI Medical Center. In 1988, John joined the Office of the Registrar / Student Academic Information Systems. Over the next few years, John demonstrated his keen analytical skills by improving high-volume processes and suggesting new technological applications. From 1996 until 2006, John coordinated the Applied New Technology group or ANT group, a team of student programmers. John was a mentor to many of these students, not only guiding them in the development of computer applications for UCOP, Student Affairs, the Dean of Students Office, and Registrar's Office systems but he also took an interest in their personal lives and overall success during their time studying here. Under John's unique combination of interpersonal skill and technological vision, they collaborated with users and developed applications that streamlined services for faculty, students, and administrative staff across the campus. Many colleagues at UCI will recall his love for telling stories that interconnected his family and friends at home with his family at UCI.

John regularly joined with friends, and gladly invited others, in pursuing a wide range of hobbies that included golf, hiking, music, history, and books. John loved Aldrich Park and had talked about creating a map identifying trees, including the "rare trees" found there. Additionally John took part in many marathons. He truly lived life to the fullest and those that had the opportunity to know him or work with him considered themselves blessed to have had such a wonderful friend.

On behalf of John's many colleagues, family and friends, we hope you will join us in celebrating his life by contributing to the John Ichiro Yasuda Endowed Scholarship Fund.

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Colleagues and friends

John Yasuda Memorial Bench


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John loved Aldrich Park and had talked about creating a map identifying trees, including the "rare trees" found there.  

Dawn Redwood

Dawn Redwood
Metasequoia glyptostroboides
An ancient tree that knew the dinosaurs, but is well-suited to modern landscape plantings. Likes full sun, is easily transplanted. Deciduous. Prefers moist, deep, well-drained soils. Fast growing. Grows to 70' to 100', 25' spread.

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