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Meghrouni Family Creates Lasting Legacy with Armenian Studies at UC Irvine
Creating a Lasting Legacy with Armenian Studies at UC Irvine

The Orange County community and the UCI School of Humanities have been committed to establishing an endowed chair in Armenian studies. Vahe and Armine Meghrouni generously stepped forward to pledge $1 million to support that goal and champion a cause they believe in.

“While other ancient civilizations have ceased to exist, Armenians remain worldwide. This despite the misfortune that almost every historic invader in history passed through and occupied their homelands for millennia. The Armenians maintained their culture as well as their language and contributed expertise in diverse spheres of human endeavors. They sustained an accomplished presence in the regimes resulting from foreign invasions as well as in an ensuing Armenian diaspora. Because the history is so complex and long, the Armenian Studies Program at UC Irvine has done a great amount of work in educating present day society as to who Armenians are and what the culture represents. Most importantly, the program enriches our Armenian and non-Armenian youth through a variety of course offerings and outreach initiatives.”
- Dr. Vahe Meghrouni

In order to meet the present $1.5M endowed chair minimum, the School of Humanities is asking the community to commit the remaining $500,000 and hope that they will be inspired by the Meghrouni’s transformational commitment and generosity in this important area of study. Presently, the School of Humanities has the opportunity to capitalize on a one-time matching program through the UC Office of the President. For the first eight endowed chair agreements that have signed commitments, the UC Office of the President is offering at $500,000 match, elevating the endowed chair level to $2M.

Established in December of 2007 through the passion and guidance of forward-thinking community member Sylvie Tertzakian, and under the leadership of history professor Touraj Daryaee, Armenian Studies at UC Irvine includes undergraduate coursework in ancient and modern Armenian history. With financial support from Vahe and Armine Meghrouni, the program also hosts a quarterly public lecture series that bridges historical and cultural topics surrounding modern day Armenia to the broader Orange County community.

UCI School of Humanities

To learn more about Armenian Studies at UC Irvine or about how to support the endowed chair, please reach out to Doug Luebbe, Director of Development.

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